Bistro Table and Chairs Sets for Indoor and Outdoor Use

A bistro table and chairs set can add a touch of elegance both indoors and out. The basic style is fashioned after the tables you might find at a small European cafe (as well as many in the US these days) and you can use a bistro table and chairs to add dining space to a corner of the kitchen , for creating a dining nook where there is really no room for a full size dining set or outdoors as an elegant addition to a deck or patio.

Bistro table and chairs sets come in many different styles and price ranges. Here are just a few good ones to give you a little inspiration:

Bistro Table and Chairs for Indoor Use

Bistro Table and Chairs MetalBistro Metal & Wood Dining Tea Table & 2 Chairs – This bistro table and chairs set is really a very traditional example of a bistro dining set perfect for use indoors. The elegant round table has a three pronged central support system and the table top is made from a rich looking walnut MDF wood veneer. The matching chairs have a walnut veneer seat and a black metal back with an interesting keyhole type design. While this is not a large table and chairs by any means it is just the perfect size fro casual dining for two and is available at a very affordable price.

Black Finish Bistro Table and ChairsBlack Finish Counter Height Drop Leaf Pub Set with Saddle Stools – This is a very modern take on the bistro table and chairs theme that would go perfectly in a medium sized contemporary kitchen. The table itself has a drop leaf to add extra dining space when called for and it actually mounted on a very practical storage cabinet. The saddle stools are elegant and comfortable and the whole look of this bistro table and chairs set is one that will certainly be a talking point for guests.

Bistro Table and Chairs for Outdoor Use

Iron Bar Bistro Table and ChairsMandalay Iron Bar Bistro Table and 2 Chairs – This is a delicate, wrought iron bistro table and chairs set that has a very definite European feel to it. All of the pieces are powder coated to help the table weather the elements and the lattice and trellis work backs on the chair are really give the whole set a very summery and elegant look.

3 Piece Folding Bistro Table and Chairs3 Piece Folding Bistro Set – This is a versatile bistro table set that is lightweight enough that you could easily bring it with you when going camping to add a little extra elegance to your al fresco dining. Crafted from durable natural wood stained a rather nice deep brown this bistro table and chairs set would look at home anywhere, thanks to its clean lines and its lack of ornamentation.

Swivel Bistro Table and ChairsBistro Table with 2 Swivel Chairs Set – This really is an outdoor bistro table and chairs set with a very modern twist. The black tabletop is complemented by the matching bucket seat swivel dining chairs and the polished stainless steel table base gives the whole set a very clean and contemporary but slightly retro look as it does seem to hark back to seventies a little. This is a great set for adding dining facilities into a rather small space.

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