Great Copper Fire Pit Choices to Enhance Outdoor Entertaining

Rocky economic times over the past few years have seen more and more people staying home to entertain instead of going out and spending too much money. Instead many homeowners have chosen to channel some of those savings into making the outdoor space their home boasts into spaces that are more useful. One of the things that people are opting for is to add a source of heat to their patio or deck to extend its useful life as far beyond Labor Day as possible.

If you are not in a position financially to have the kind of permanent outdoor fireplace built that is popping up in all the glossy home magazines, then a copper fire pit is an attractive and practical alternative. It is also, of course, far cheaper and can be moved around to suit changing décor needs.

Copper fire pits can be found these days in a number of shapes, sizes styles and price ranges but here are a few we really love:

Copper Fire Pit with Spark ScreenLarge Copper Fire Pit with Spark Screen – If you are looking for a copper fire pit that is large enough to serve as the focal point of your outdoor without overwhelming in it this very contemporary looking copper fire pit may be the perfect choice.

It measures a generous 36 inches wide and stands 10 inches high and can use either coal or wood as its fuel source. If you want to try your hand at fire pit cookery there is plenty of room to do just that. The attached spark screen helps ensure that everyone has a safe time while enjoying the great outdoors.

Camp Chef Copper Fire PitCamp Chef Del Rio Copper Patio Fire Pit – If you really do not like to deal with the fuss it involves trying to get a coal or wood fire started but still like the idea of using a copper fire pit to warm up a chilly evening outdoors then this propane fueled copper fire pit might be an excellent choice.

The generously sized fire pit area has lava rocks and boasts a 60,000 BTU gas ring. The propane tank it uses is a standard one, the same type used in conjunction with a most barbecue grills so finding the right fuel source should never be a problem.

Chiminea Copper Fire PitUnique Arts Solid Copper New Chiminea Combo With Screen – If you are looking for an outdoor copper fire pit that is a little more unusual in appearance this one certainly fits the bill. A combination of fire pit and chiminea it is as functional as it is beautiful as it is as easy to cook over as it is to warm up around.

It is hand made from recycled copper, making it a rather eco friendly choice and the copper will develop a beautiful patina over time that will only serve to enhance its rustic charm. Either wood or coals can be used as a fuel source and if you choose wood you can experiment with different types, as each kind of cooking wood produces very different flavors.

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