Instantly Transform Your Everyday Decor with Dining Room Chair Covers

If you want to make an instant change in a boring dining room all you have to do is get new dining chairs. Not literally though. You simply make it appear as though you got new dining chairs by adding brand new dining room chair covers.

Another great thing about dining room chair covers it that you can actually keep several different sets on hand and switch them out according to the mood you want to set. Cozy looking fun dining room seat covers for a casual family meal that can then be switched for a more elegant and refined, formal set.

Now by dining room chair covers we do mean the ones that cover most of the chair, not just the pads for the seat. Those dining room chair pads are comfy and do add an extra splash of color and texture but they do not have the impact that full dining chair covers do.

The other great advantage of using dining room chair covers on a regular basis is that they protect the actual chairs themselves very well. This can be a real help if you have more expensive dining chairs and small kids, not normally ever a very good combination.

Great Dining Room Chair Covers for Every Occasion

Dining room chair covers come in a myriad of colors and designs. Here are just a few of our favorites to give you a little shopping inspiration:

Simply Shabby Chic Dining Room Chair CoverSimply Shabby Chic® Floral Jacquard Dining Chair Slipcover - For many homeowners the shabby chic style of décor is very appealing. These dining room chair slipcovers let you add a touch of that simple elegance in under a minute. Featuring an understated rose pattern in shades of khaki and brown these dining room chair covers are easy to put on and have a ruffled skirt extra detail. A great look for semi formal dining.

Sure Fit Stretch Dining Chair CoverSure Fit Stretch Pique Dining Room Chair Cover – These are great dining room chair covers for everyday use. Straight, simple and easy to wash these dining room chair covers can be purchased in an assortment of solid colors, so matching your dining room’s décor should not be too hard. Use these when you want to impart a casual air to your diners (as well as protect your chairs from sticky little fingers.

Basket Wheat Dining Chair SlipcoverBasket Wheat Dining Room Chair Covers – When the holidays, or other special occasions come around and you have guests due to arrive who do not spend too much time in your home we all have the tendency to want to put on more than a show than usual in order to impress. We get out the best china, spend an extra hour or so making food that showcases our culinary talents that normally do not get much use and spruce up the dining room a bit. These dining room chair covers are perfect for those occasions.

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