Which is Better – Real Down or Down Alternative Comforters?

Most people know that when it comes to sheer warmth a goose down comforter is hard to beat. A real goose down comforter may not always be the best option for you though. Some people find that they are allergic to the goose down ( a few bits always escape however well made a certain comforter is) while others balk at the cost of a real goose down comforter, especially if they are buying one for each bed in the house. For these people one of the many down alternative comforters sets that are available these days may be a better choice.

Real Down Comforter vs Down Alternative Comforter

Both a real down comforter and a down alternative comforter provide a lot of warmth and comfort but by utilizing different materials to do so. Contrary to what many might believe , a real goose down comforter is generally not filled with real feathers. Instead it is filled with the very soft, rather fluffy undercoating found beneath the feathers of geese. Down alternative comforters on the other hand are filled with synthetic materials, like rayon or polyester, rather than traditional down. They may also use wool or cotton in place of down and those other synthetic materials .

On the whole in terms of appearance and durability down alternative comforters do a good job of mimicking the real thing. The one area where a down alternative comforter will not win though is in terms of maximum warmth. No man-made material or alternative product has been found that can compare to real goose down when it comes to warmth. If you are still considering purchasing a down alternative comforter though here are a few great examples:

Brookstone Down Alternative ComforterBrookstone Better than Down All-Season Comforter -  Those clever Brookstone folks really do seem to make everything don’t they? This down alternation comforter has both a microfiber filling and exterior and is designed to maintain its shape as well as any real down comforter would if not even better. It has a baffler box construction that is designed to stop the fill shifting too much and one of the big advantages is that it can be tossed right into the washing machine whenever it needs cleaning. The price is another big draw because it is actually cheaper than many “normal” comforters let alone real down comforters.

Royal Hotel Down Alternative ComforterRoyal Hotel’s 1200 Thread Count California King Size Goose Down Alternative Comforter 100% Egyptian Cotton -  A high thread count is still important when you are shopping for goose down or down alternative comforters. The very high thread count that this down alternative comforter boasts means that it is super soft while still being very warm. The box design means that the fill won’t shift and the attractive quilting is really too nice to cover up with a duvet cover. Better still even with the high thread count this is still a very affordable bedding choice.

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