Making Your Own Kitchen Canisters that Match Your Unique Style

Kitchen canisters are useful things for storing any number of things. Cooking ingredients like rice and pasta both keep better if they are stored in kitchen canisters instead of their flimsy packaging and any number of little ingredients can be kept fresh and close at hand.

There are any number of cute kitchen canister sets for sale in stores both on and off line. They are often sold bearing images that match a theme – animals are popular – and if you can find kitchen canisters that suit the theme in your kitchen great, but what if you are having a hard time finding just the right set of kitchen canisters? One option you do have, that will also save you money, is to try your and at making your own kitchen canisters. These are the basic instructions:

You Will Need:

Empty coffee cans. Preferably in several different sizes (ask you friends and family they can probably give you some if you need extra. The jumbo sized ones are great.)


Hot Glue Gun (and glue of course)

Scissors or a craft knife

Fabric of your choice

Embellishments of your choice

Tin foil and or contact paper

Pencil or tailors chalk

Basic Steps for Making Kitchen Canisters:

  • To get started place the first coffee can lid onto the back side of your chosen fabric. Trace around it carefully with your pencil or chalk. When placing the coffee can onto the fabric start about an inch away from the edge of the fabric watch and as close to the corner as possible. That way you will end up using as much of thee swatch as possible.
  • Carefully cut the circle you have drawn out. A craft knife may be easier than a pair of scissors but whichever you use id up to you.
  • Place the lid for into the center of the fabric circle. Using the glue gun run a thin line of hot glue around the entire edge of the coffee lid,all while leaving the lid top down on the fabric. Once this is done lift the fabric where it meets the lid and secure it to the warm glue. When the lid is placed on the canister, the 1-inch margin will hang over the edge. Your new kitchen canisters are now beginning to take shape!
  • So that your new kitchen canisters will actually be useful as well as great to look at before you start decorating the outside the inside needs to be lined. You can use tin foil for this purpose but we have found that contact paper is easier to work with and a little more durable.
  • The fun part is actually decorating the coffee cans that will be turned into a kitchen canister. To create the most durable kitchen canisters we suggest beginning by covering them with a coat or two of a good spray craft paint. After that you can decorate them in any way you like. Spend an hour or so in the aisles of a store like AC Moore’s or Michaels and you are sure to find all kinds of things you can use to help create kitchen canisters that are truly unique.

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