Saddle Bar Stools for Dining Style and Comfort

Bar stools are not just for use with a home bar in the traditional sense of the word anymore. People are using them with breakfast bars and even with higher dining tables. The problem is the average bar stool that is not padded is not always very comfortable. That is not the case with saddle bar stools though.

What are Saddle Bar Stools?

Most bar stools have a flat seat. That design does not make a lot of sense ergonomically because humans have rounded rear ends. The combination is just never going to end up being a very comfortable one.

Saddle seat bar stools are different. Instead of a flat seat they have a slightly concave one, a little like a saddle for a horse, thus the name. This unique shaping makes saddle bar stools far easier to sit in for long periods of time.

The average saddle bar stool also has slightly splayed out legs, the better to support the changed weight distribution that the wider seat causes. You can purchase saddle bar stools that have padded seats as well, which for some people provides even more comfort.

Types of Saddle Bar Stools

The usual material for a saddle seat bar stool to be constructed from is a wood of some kind. Oak is a popular choice and you can find oak saddle bar stools that are finished in a way that produces a number of different shade options. Other saddle bar stools are lacquered so that they don’t look very wooden at all. If you want a set of really unique looking saddle bar stools you could consider purchasing them unfinished and then painting and varnishing them yourself!

Bar stools do come in different heights, since not all counter tops and breakfast bars are the same height. Make sure you measure the surface you will be using your saddle bar stools with very carefully before you shop for new saddle bar stools, to make sure you do not end up with one that is either too high or too low.

Homeowners are usually also faced with another choice when it comes to purchasing saddle bar stools. Should you buy them ready assembled or opt for those that you put together at home yourself. If the saddle bar stools you choose are unassembled they will usually cost less but do take your time and read the instructions carefully before trying to put them together. No bar stool is going to be of any use if it falls apart the first time someone sits on it because it was missing an essential screw or something was put on backwards.

How Much do Saddle Bar Stools Cost?

You will find that the price range for saddle bar stools is a rather varied one. You can usually pick up a good, basic wooden saddle bar stool for under $50. Adding padding, a back or other extra details will of course add to that price and there are some saddle bar stools (usually those with real leather ) that can cost up to $500 each.

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